Company Description

Dimension offers a series of products in advocatory for social liberty in the ever-realistic era of cyberspace, among which the most fundamental ones are Right of Cryptography and Freedom of Interpretation.


  • Browser Extension

    Mask Network

    The Portal to the New, Open Internet.

    Currently supports over 14+ chains and 20+ dApps on multiple SNS platforms, Twitter, Facebook, Mirror, etc.

  • Web3 Protocol


    Your Digital Identity in One Place

    An open-sourced Decentralized Identity (DID) protocol that aggregates your Web2 & Web3 profiles. Next.ID provides an identity infrastructure for social applications to build upon. It connects and authenticates your digital footprints, ultimately giving full ownership of digital identities back to users.

  • Mobile Application

    Firefly - Mask X

    Web3 Social Aggregator

    Firefly - Mask X is a social app that seeks to create a diversified social stream by bringing together both Web2 & Web3 platforms. Users can view content from Twitter, Lens, Farcaster, Mirror, and Snapshot, all on the Firefly app.

Partner & Supporter

  • Binance
  • OKEX
  • HASHKEY Capital
  • gun
  • ChainIDE
  • Filecoin
  • Protocol Labs

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